look I’m just really smug

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…but I mean. LOOK AT IT.

Didn’t take any pics while I worked today; I just wanted to get as much painting done as I could while the weather’s warm. After Monday it isn’t due to get out of the 30s for at least a couple weeks, so the more painting I get done now, the better.

& I got a LOT of painting done. I finished the back wall, complete with rafters, & the half-sheet of plywood that’s going to go over that window tomorrow. I hope; it’d be a lot easier if I had several more hands.

The back wall, now painted the same pale lavender as the front; the short exposed parts of the rafters are the same darker purple as the half-sheet of plywood leaning against the tinker's wagon.

Most of the left wall has a first coat on it now. I’ll do the second coat tomorrow, & with luck, I’ll be able to shift the tarp enough to finish all the way to the top without having to take it all the way off.

The left wall of the tinker's wagon, which is now mostly painted pale lavender, except for part of the top of the wall which is still covered by a white tarp.

Plus I put the gingerbread trim on the front corners! Gingerbread, as seen from the side wall:

One of the front corners, seen from the side. The painted gingerbread trim runs vertically along the front corner.

Y’all, it just. Looks. SO. GOOD.

The front wall of the tinker's wagon, seen straight on. It still needs a door, & a window, & a roof, but other than that it looks pretty done.

Tonight I’m painting the last two trim pieces, but that’s happening inside. Tomorrow, gingerbread on the back corners, plywood over the window, finish that side wall, & possibly work on the side door, but I keep not getting to that part, so it might wind up just covered with a tarp again.

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