I didn’t MEAN to

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I was just gonna go do a LITTLE bit.

… oops.

Anyway it’s too cold & yucky to do anything OUTSIDE the tinker’s wagon but I thought maybe I’d get a little bit done inside. Doors need doorframes, but doorframes should be the entire thickness of the wall, but the wall is going to be thicker than just the 2x2s I framed it with. Therefore, the obvious next step was to do the bits of inside wall above & below where the doorframe will go.

See above for the bottom part. I’m planning to use pallet wood & other scrap for the inside walls. It’s free, minimal effort, & is gonna look REALLY cool.

It was easy enough to cut two pieces to size, sand down the side that’ll face inside, & screw those down, & I think that’s where I ran into trouble, because it was just enough to warm up.

The top part of the door hole, which likewise has a length of wood screwed along it.

That gave me the measurement for the width of the doorframe boards, so I thought, cool, I’ll do the bottom & top pieces of that, too.

…the which took approximately ten more minutes, most of which was sanding. & then I had the PERFECT boards to do the sides of the doorframe, too, just sitting there in the corner, already nice & dry, & well, you know how THAT goes.

Anyway the side door now has a nice doorframe.

The bottom right corner of the door hole, which now has a nice doorframe made of reclaimed wood.
The top left of the door hole does too! Soon there will be a door! Probably!

By the time I was done, 1) it was snowing, 2) I had taken off my flannel shirt because I was too warm, & 3) fortunately I had done enough I felt pretty good about stopping. Especially because the next bit would’ve been putting the door in the doorframe, & that’s a ‘once you start you’ve got to finish’ job because the door is currently leaning against the side of the tinker’s wagon to keep the rain out.

But hey, doorframe!

… oops.

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