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I’m getting a lot done now that I don’t have to take breaks to ship out giftmas orders!

ANYWAY I got the back wall halfway painted & only then realized that I hadn’t caulked the gaps. Since some of them look like this, that’s gotta happen.

A closeup of part of the back wall. Two of the boards come together, but there's a vertical gap between them about a quarter inch wide.

… so I did a bunch of that. I got all the gaps on the back wall caulked, laid a bead of caulk along the bottom where the boards meet the metal, & filled both of the corners.

I took a break to see if I could cut down the fancy door so that it’ll fit in the front arched doorway. Alas, the recessed parts fall in just the wrong spots. It’ll probably work for the side door, though. Didn’t get any pictures of that part, it was all me staring at a door with a ruler & occasionally cussing.

After that, it was mostly painting. I got most of the piece of plywood that’ll be covering the big back window for now.

Yep, that big hunk of plywood is now painted a nice purple.

I decided that since I have the tarp pulled back on the front & back walls that it would make sense to paint the corners enough that I can put the corner trim over them. I also finished up the front rafters.

The front of the tinker's wagon, seen slightly from the side. The rafters are now a nice even purple, & about a foot of the side wall has been painted along the corner.

I was gonna head in but then I decided I had time to sand the other two gingerbread pieces quick, so I can paint them tomorrow.

Two of the gingerbread trim pieces laying on a worktable, with a plastic water bottle next to them. Hydration: it's important!

Tomorrow, I’ll be putting gingerbread trim on the two front corners! I’ll also (I hope) finish painting the back wall, if the caulk has cured enough, plus I’m gonna paint the last two trim pieces & finish up that plywood.

It’s gonna precipitate Tuesday, so I’ve got to get everything covered back up by then, but I’m hoping I’ll have the back window & maybe even the side door actually … well, not finished, but ‘finished enough for now’.

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