painting & looting

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But first, the looting.

I went back to the abandoned house today, with the van, & grabbed several things that’ll be useful — mostly in the ‘covering up the holes in the tinker’s wagon’ sort of way. This is gonna be the front door.

The same door, this time leaning against the doorway into the tinker's wagon.

Here is a terrible 80s-style window I am NOT going to use but WOW does it bring back memories.

A rectangular window with a very stylized sunset frosted onto the glass.

It’s in excellent shape so if you’re working on 80s nostalgia design, poof, here’s a piece for ya.

I also grabbed some of the vented hinged closet door things, which I think might work for window shutters.

A couple of vented folding closet doors leaning against the tinker's wagon.

Plus a BONUS hunk of plywood that’s big enough to cover that huge front window!

Yep, that's a big hunk of plywood, all right.

Yes, eventually all the windows will have WINDOWS, but that’s probably not happening until AFTER Estrella & I gotta cover the holes with SOMETHING.

Also there’s been painting!

The front of the tinker's wagon, which has been painted a lovely pale lavender.

Two coats on the front wall yesterday, but only one on the rafters today, because it is COLD outside. See also: why I didn’t grab another door from the abandoned house for the side door.

A view looking upward at an angle -- the top of the front wall, painted lavender; the exposed parts of the rafters, painted a deeper purple; & behind it all, that deep blue New Mexico sky.

Still looks pretty good though!

Tomorrow, more painting, & I’m gonna see if I can figure out the best way to cut down the door so it fits in the arched doorframe.

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