spoilers: it was cows

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I heard a distinctive *clunk* — the sound of the door propped against the tinker’s wagon shifting — & thought ‘the hell, it isn’t windy & I braced that thing REALLY well’. It turns out the answer was ‘cows’.

Curious cows, in fact, which is pleasing to me because the whole ‘stupid cow’ thing is kinda crap & it turns out they’re pretty cool creatures. Who wanted to know what was this thing in their grazing area, & also to scratch themselves on it some.

Out the same window, a light tan cow rubbing her face against the corner of the tinker's wagon.

I decided to duck outside & see how they felt about that. How they felt was ‘pretty unbothered’.

A wide view of the front yard, with six cows scattered around grazing.

Baby cow! Okay, half-grown cow.

A slightly closer view. Two cows graze unconcernedly, while the third, a smaller black cow with a white face, looks suspiciously at the camera.

Half-grown cow let me get about twenty feet away & then noped out, which is around when I heard hoofbeats behind me.

Y hello thar!

A rather large mostly-white cow, perhaps twenty feet away & walking towards the camera at an angle.

LORGE. Bull?

The same cow, seen from the side & walking to the left. Yep, that's an udder.

Not bull. Momma.

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