no this time it’s just gingerbread

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It takes Kind Of Forever to cut. Also, it takes Kind Of Forever to sand, & I’m really just taking the roughest bits off, not really getting it smooth.

& given the Weather that was busily rolling in Saturday, I only had so long to cut & sand (& cut & sand & cut & sand…)

Low scrubby grass & brush, behind with are a few short evergreens, behind which is the sky, which looks VERY ANGRY.

But I had time to get the last of the eight trim pieces I need for the corners cut out, & six of them sanded, PLUS I found & cut a Christmas tree. First time I’ve had a tree in YEARS.

It's about six feet tall, kinda sparse, & definitely a Charlie Brown tree, but it's MINE.

Sunday was pretty gross, weather-wise, so it’s a good thing painting can happen inside. (I also made a LARGE batch of spaghetti sauce, packed some orders, & generally caught up on a large pile of Stuff, it was a Good Day.)

Four pieces of plywood trim, each about five feet tall, painted a medium purple & leaning against a wood clothes drying rack.

I’ve got another two I can paint, & that’ll happen soon. & with luck, in a couple days it’ll be warm enough that I can paint something I can’t fit in the house — the tinker’s wagon itself!

(right now it’s 27F outside & the paint will freeze before it dries, also: no)

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