Happy Christmas

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I found this tree in the back yard, can ya tell?

Seriously though, this is the first Christmas tree I’ve had in YEARS & I am REALLY enjoying it.

So is Tom.

There's a padded cat cave tucked under the tree, & Major Tom is tucked inside it.

In fact Tom is enjoying it enough that he went viral on Twitter.

The same picture of Tom, but in a screenshot from Twitter. He has 40 retweets & 552 likes.

… don’t tell Loiosh, he’ll be REALLY mad.

He’s been under the tree some, too, although I haven’t caught him really flopped out yet.

Loiosh is kind of hunkered up under the tree, facing off to the left.

I attempted to cause a flopping, for purposes of getting an adorable picture, but Loiosh was having none of that.

A blurry photo of the bottom part of the tree, with the back half of Loiosh, also blurry, exiting off to the right.

Apparently Hades doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Do Pastafarians have anything going this time of year?

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