cats: in which Loiosh was upstaged

2024 06 01 14.23.30

[ Loiosh, an orange cat wearing a green bow tie, appears in the foreground of this picture; his head does, at least, and he’s looking off to the left, ears stuck just a bit out to the sides, face set in the classic ignore expression. Behind him, blurry, is a portable animal enclosure with a pink sheet covering part of it. Inside it is a small, blurry, black animal. ]

Loiosh was angry.

2024 06 01 14.23.32

[ Basically the same shot, but Loiosh is now giving the camera significant side-eye. The blur in the enclosure can be seen to be using at least there and possibly four legs to stand up, and is wearing a red collar. Behind it and to the left is a white, roundish blur. ]

Why was Loiosh so very angry?

2024 06 01 14.23.35

[ Loiosh is looking to the left again, but now he’s blurry; the focus is on the animal enclosure, in which it can be seen that the black blur is, in fact, a baby goat. The white blur is another baby goat, who is curled up, and has adorably droopy ears. ]

There were BABY GOATS.

Why, you may ask, is Loiosh so upset at the existence of baby goats?

It’s simple; there were a whole bunch of people there, & NONE of them was paying the TINIEST BIT OF ATTENTION to HIM.

(to be fair, there was also the incident at Shep’s that time, in which a tiny baby goat named Tl’izi came POINGING up to him & was VERY POINGY & it was ALL RATHER A LOT & tbh I think he’s got a bit of mild trauma about it)

(but mostly he got upstaged by baby goats, & was BIG MAD about it)

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