process: new picture-taking setup! again!

2024 06 21 17.46.42

[ A long sheet of barely off-white paper has been tacked to wall joists by flat metal tacks; a faery home decor piece hangs from a pushpin a few inches down from the top tack. ]

I’ve been using my wooden book stand to take pictures of smaller things since sometime in December, I think, or possibly January, & it’s been working really well, & I like it. But it’s not big enough for most of my faery home decor pieces, & even some of the pixy home decor pieces are too big.

I had an idea today, though, & it was a nice simple one: I tacked some paper to the wall.

It looks okay, but the light is wrong with the window just beside it. It’s okay, I have a mirror!

2024 06 21 17.48.35

[ A small round hand mirror sits on the table under the window, along with a small scraggly-looking aloe plant in a purple pot. ]

That worked pretty well, casting a nice semi-adjustable extra bit of natural light more-or-less where I wanted it, with a bonus of not using any extra power. But! Still not really enough light. It’s okay, I have a desk lamp!

2024 06 21 18.12.17

[ In the immediate foreground on the left side is the head of an adjustable desk lamp; the other end is clamped to the book stand on the side of the desk next to the wall. There’s a bunch more light on the faery home decor piece, now. ]

But wait, I also have that camera tripod I bought & haven’t used yet! So I got that set up quick, wedged my camera into the holder, got the bluetooth remote set up, but neither the desk nor the table is in a good spot to hold it. It’s okay, I have a slide out work surface!

Img 2570

[ Almost the same picture as the last, but now a camera tripod with bendy legs is sitting on a board pulled out from its slot in the desk. My phone screen has an image of the faery home decor piece. ]

But how to take a picture of my camera? It’s okay, I’ve got a roommate!

(picture of Jasper’s phone taking a picture of my phone omitted because asking to borrow Morgyn’s camera to take that picture might have gotten me duct-taped to something)

(instead, here’s a picture of the lil remote)

2024 06 21 18.21.01

[ It’s a tiny little pod-shaped thing, in black, with a handle to put it on your keychain or something, and a large, friendly button labeled camera with a camera icon on it. ]

It works! & it works nicely! I’ve got a proper desk lamp on the way, so I don’t have to keep stealing the one above my comfy chair, but for now, this will do!

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