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small beauties: my own back yard edition

This is a really nice place to spend the winter; I’m really enjoying it here. A yard full of Ponderosas, the mountains rising in the distance, & above it all, that deep blue Colorado sky.

Not that I got any pictures of the sky, it was all tiny stuff on the ground.


[ A close view of a bit of half-buried root; the wood grain curls in waves like the sea in stormy weather. ] Continue reading small beauties: my own back yard edition

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cats: back yard wander edition

I’ve been carrying a basket of pendulums & other new stuff around for the last three months, not getting around to taking pictures of them so I can get them posted, but I finally got round to it today.

Tom decided to come along and help, but pretty immediately had Opinions about it.

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, stands facing the camera, one eye squinted mostly shut. ]

… yes, yes, daystar bright, sorry, product pictures do better with at least some natural light going on.

(mood, tho) Continue reading cats: back yard wander edition

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cats: meanwhile, back at the ranch edition

I’d wanted the road trip to be a me-and-Loiosh thing, like in the old days — since Jasper hadn’t come along for the trip, either — & it’s always easier wrangling one cat than two, so Tom got to stay home. I’m not sure who was happier for the company, him or Jasper.

Tom mostly did okay, but he did ask for his harness the day I left. Says Jasper: ‘he asked very politely by standing on my foot until I offered‘.


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, seen from above: he’s sitting on a cutting mat and several scraps of black leather, and he’s wearing his purple harness. ] Continue reading cats: meanwhile, back at the ranch edition

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woods day: smutchy face edition

I finally managed a Woods Day — a short one, in the middle of a road trip, & with only one of the boys, but it was still VERY needed, & Loiosh had a good time.

Why yes, I did take a picture of Loiosh in the midst of a private moment, have you MET me.


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is hunkered over a hole in the dirt. His face is squinched up and he looks cranky. Also there’s a bunch of dirt on his face. ] Continue reading woods day: smutchy face edition

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travellogue: first snow edition

The problem with moving is the amount of STUFF involved, & in this case, by STUFF I mean ‘my prescriptions’ & ‘the place that has the warranty for the van’s transmission’ & also ‘that PO box I opened in Prewitt’. So last week I hadda head south for a couple days to fetch back my Stuff.

Of course, this happened to happen right when the first snow of the year was also happening.


[ Two tall Ponderosa pines stand below white skies. Each is dusted with light snow, and snowflakes are visible falling past them. ] Continue reading travellogue: first snow edition

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cats: new perch edition

Loiosh found a new perch at Crown. Slightly to my surprise, cos I’ve been using this setup for a while. Nice spot, though.


[ A closeup of Loiosh’s face — he’s an orange tabby wearing a green harness. His eyes are a pale green, most of his whiskers are white, and he’s got a couple black spots on his pink nose. ]

But what’s that he’s standing on, you ask?

More standing IN, as it happens. Continue reading cats: new perch edition

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cats: no bowls edition

I gave up on bringing cat water bowls along to events years ago, because Loiosh always just drank out of my water mug. This weekend at Outlands Crown, Tom discovered that this works just fine for him, too.

… after a bit of time to figure things out.


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, is sitting on a table in a merchant booth. There’s a mug right in front of him, but he’s looking off to the side, and his ears are sticking out to the sides. ] Continue reading cats: no bowls edition