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cats: Tom’s favorite basket edition


[Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is curled up on his side in a rectangular forest green basket. His paws are tucked up in front of him and his belly is pale tan. Lining fabric from a jacket, deep maroon, spills over the edge of the basket; Tom has his head resting on it.]

Tom used to love this basket before we moved here, but once we got here he totally ignored it. Until a few days ago, when, in the process of packing up, it got stuck on the coffee table.

Which is where it’s stayed since then, because we’re clearly Not Allowed to move it.

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cats: huffing the chocolate edition


[Loiosh, an orange tabby, is hunkered up in his cat bed. He’s facing the camera, but only the upper part of his head is visible, because he’s got his chin shoved into a plastic bag. The label on the bag contains nutrition information, but most of it isn’t very legible.]

You gotta wonder about the boy sometimes. Like, what’s in that bag, & why is he huffing it. Continue reading cats: huffing the chocolate edition

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cats: tomcat cuddles edition


[Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is meatloafed ona bright quilt, right next to a wood-paneled wall. His eyes are half-closed and he looks very content.]

All the humans here have been working our butts off, but the cats are mostly still serene. It turns out that having one cat who actually LIKES moving (that’d be Loiosh) helps the rest of the cats in the house deal with the usually-traumatic process.

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cats: sleepy boy edition


[Loiosh, an orange tabby, is curled up on the couch, face shoved into the grey fabric that covers the back cushion. He is comprehensively asleep.]

So we’re actually in the depths of moving! I’m scheduling a couple weeks of cats pictures to tide y’all through. Or at least I’m gonna try to, we’ll see.

But Loiosh was being adorable on the couch AND I had my camera, so of course there were pictures. Continue reading cats: sleepy boy edition

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cats: Tom about town edition


[Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, sits in a blue cat stroller, looking out to the right of the camera.]

Tom’s been wiggly with spring coming in, so Jasper & I decided to take him along to run errands.

He was … not entirely sure about this, but it did get him out of the house, & he got a pup cup from the local coffeeshop, so he was pretty good with that.

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SPOON: first load edition


[The road stretches out through the center of this wide shot; at the distant horizon, a hint of snow-covered mountains blends into the low clouds. The road is tree-lined on the left side; snowy fields on the right lead up to a snow-roofed barn.]

I haven’t been talking about it much, mostly because STRESS & I dunwanna, but we’re coming up on the end of our time in our winter haven. It’s time to move. Also the van registration was due, for which I needed the title, which was in Alamosa, so I decided to work on two problems at once by loading up the van & driving south. Continue reading SPOON: first load edition

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cats: Tom goes rolling edition


[Major Tom, a big grey tabby with a pale belly, is rolling in the dirt. He’s mostly on his back, one forepaw tucked, head flung back to display his white chin.]

Look, Tom just really likes rolling in the dirt, is what. It’s nicely scratchy, it’s a good stretch, & especially this time of year, it’s his best way of getting rid of his winter coat.

… other than letting his humans brush him, anyways, but why would he DO that.

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