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small beauties & a warm day


[ A view from a height, over a broad plain covered in low brown grass. The lake peeks out from behind a bit of a hill to the right, & beyond it are higher rolling hills capped with sparse evergreens. ]

I haven’t been able to get the boys out very often, between the Giftmas rush & the cold, but last Wednesday it got up into the 60s, & I stuffed the lot of us into the van & headed for the lake. Continue reading small beauties & a warm day

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[ A big grey tabby lays on his side in the sun, facing the camera; his eyes are squinted mostly shut, & his belly is a lovely expanse of soft fuzzy paleness. ]

Major Tom decided to help me last week when I had a bunch of new jewelry to take pictures of. He is, as you can see, exceptionally good at helping. Or possibly, halping.

Continue reading halping

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A success!

[ Two cats in a comfy spot: Major Tom, a grey tabby, is laying in a plush cat bed that sits on a metal shelf a couple inches off the floor, & Loiosh, an orange tabby, is curled up in a round blue cat bed tucked into the bottom of a wicker footstool. ]

… kind of a success. Tom will nap in the cat cave. Neither of them will use the green cat bed I repainted (to be fair, it probably still smells like paint to them). Loiosh has stuck with his double decker cat bed.

But hey, the bottom shelf of the baker’s rack is, intermittently, being used. Continue reading A success!

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[ A black metal baker’s rack stands in front of big windows. The bottom shelf holds a pair of cat beds; the rest have a variety of plants. ]

I came home from the post office yesterday in a crappy mood because of other people making poor life choices, so in an attempt to cheer myself up I stopped at one of the abandoned houses & picked up this baker’s rack I’ve been eyeing for a while.

I hosed it down yesterday, then brought it in today, figuring I’d get it set up with some nice spots for the boys, & then get pictures of them exploring it.

That is … not what happened. Continue reading unimpressed

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small beauties

[ The edge of the lake; the shore is made up of small rocks. The water is in motion, each wrinkle on the surface highlighted in the sunlight. ]

The sound of the wavelets running up onto the pebbled beach was SO relaxing. I love the sound of water & I haven’t been able to spend near as much time as I’d like where I can hear it. I’ll be going down to the lake as long as the weather allows. Continue reading small beauties

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some woods tho

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is crouched down on the ground, nose almost in a critter hole in the ground in front of him. ]

After I packed up for the day, we drove down to the end of the lake; there’s a stand of aspens there & I wanted to explore.

To my crankitude. most of them are behind a fence, but there was a small patch of woods, in which Loiosh found a critter hole.

Tom was very relieved to be under cover, though the crackling of the leaves startled him several times. Continue reading some woods tho