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Very Good Snuggles


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is tucked under the covers next to me. His head is sticking out; it’s next to my arm. He’s got one paw tucked up next to him, and his eyes are just a little open. ]

Every once in a while Tom will deign to come under the covers with me. (This happens FAR more often when we’re out & about & it’s below freezing, but who could blame him for that?) Continue reading Very Good Snuggles

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I took Loiosh to the flea market in Grants yesterday, cos the weather was supposed to be nice, warm & not too windy, & he needed PEOPLE.

… alas, it was WOOSHY WOOSH. I took him wandering a bit anyways, but when he jumped out of the stroller & into a cat carrier some guy was trying to sell, I figured that was my sign.

(Dude tried REAL HARD to sell me the cat carrier, & FEELS, but my boy wears a harness, I don’t NEED a cat carrier.)

(I bought a nice carpet from him though.)

Anyway this is the only pic I got.

cranky boy

Y’all he had OPINIONS.

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IN the meantime …

I didn’t spend the week doing nothing, have you MET me. (Although I did take several naps, go me.)

I spent a lot of time flopped on the couch, reading, & also got some sewing done. As witness!


[ A pair of thick socks, mottled in shades of dark pink. Blue stitching is visible at the balls & heels of the soles. ]

… okay, yes, strictly speaking this is darning, not sewing. Continue reading IN the meantime …

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cat pictures, lazy week edition

Last week I was having a serious case of the Februaries, so I took  most of the week off. I did manage to change the sheets, which was VERY  nice, but it was harder than I feel it ought to have been.


[  Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is meatloafed in the precise center of my  bed. The bottom sheet is under him, but the top sheet is balled up right  next to him. ]

I eventually lured him off the bed by heading for  the bathroom. He LOVES a captive audience. Of course I don’t close the  bathroom door, I’m not a MONSTER.

(No judgement of those of you  who DO close the bathroom door, it’s just that I’ve long since accepted  my place in the hierarchy here.) Continue reading cat pictures, lazy week edition

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a giveaway!

& it’s NOT MINE

… okay, a friend of mine is raising money to get a t-shirt press, a bunch of t-shirts, & stuff to print t-shirts with for a friend of HERS who teaches elementary school in Alaska, & if they raise twelve hundred bucks she’s doing a drawing for a gift basket of my stuff!

More information here! Give early, give often!

This is some of the stickers/magnets that every single donor to the project, will get sent to them next month.


Everyone gets the rainbow and wood stickers, and people get one of the others, plus some fun stamps and Alaska photography stickers.