cats: in which Loiosh goes running around and, also, up

2024 05 24 05.37.26

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is tucked into bed between a blue comforter and a red pillow. Only his head is showing. The extremely messy blue carpeting shows that this is happening in the van. ]

Couple weeks ago I drove up to Denver to drop Jasper & Remy off at the airport for a con; since it was going to be an overnight trip, of course I brought Loiosh.

I think he was the only one who got any sleep before I dropped Jasper & Remy off at the airport at 3AM.

Anyway, I’d planned on spending the weekend in the woods making faery home decor pieces & generally marinating in Oh My Gods There Are Actually Trees Here, but between the lack of sleep & the state of the van & generally a bunch of Nope I wound up just heading home, instead.

But by the time I’d made it to the top of the San Luis Valley, I’d recovered enough to consider exploring one of the possible local-ish Woods Day spots I’d found on the map. The road was windy & bumpy, there weren’t a whole lot of trees, & I wound up picking a high spot that probably doesn’t have anywhere I can park the van flat, but there are other spots, & this one was fun to explore.

For me & the boy, both. I needed the woods. He needed to run around like an idiot. & with his arthritis meds on board, he COULD run around like an idiot, & in fact, for the first time in a couple years without assistance from me, wound up in a tree.

2024 05 24 10.11.24

[ Loiosh is standing on a branch, mostly facing the camera. His hindpaws are braced kinda wide apart, claws out, and he looks as if he’s not quite sure of his grip or his balance. ]

It took him a couple minutes & some clambering around to get the hang of things again. That’s fair! It’s been a minute! But he hung on good & poked around & took his time …

2024 05 24 10.11.25

[ Loiosh is in the same spot, looking off to the left; in fact, half of his head is out of frame. ]

… & after he got comfortable with the whole tree thing again, he managed some pretty credible Dramatical Posing.

2024 05 24 10.10.27

[ Loiosh is standing firm on a branch, head up, ears and whiskers alert; he’s focused on something off to the right. The sun lights his fur. ]

That, my friends, is a PRIME Dramatical Pose. & then he immediately took it up a notch:

2024 05 24 10.10.16

[ He’s facing the other way now, head still lifted, but his ears have swiveled around to catch a sound. The sun shines bright through his right ear, showing the blood vessels within. The expanse of the San Luis Valley is visible, mistily, through the branches of the tree he’s standing in, and there’s a faint lens flare right over his face. ]

Dramatical pose with LENS FLARE.

The boy’s got TALENT.

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