short takes: *exhausted flopping*

20211217 181005

[ It’s me, a white guy wearing a tank top and sweat pants, seen from above. I’m laying flat on my face on a pile of laundry on my bed, arms sprawled to either side. Major Tom, a big grey tabby cat, is meatloafed next to me, looking content. I’m mostly looking unconscious. ]

Hey y’all! It’s me!

So uhhhhh the last everything has been a Whole Lot, & my brain finally said a bunch of rude words & also FIX NOW, so WHEEEEE I’m in therapy & there’s new meds & things are? getting better??

but also I’m trying to fix the brain while ALSO doing everything else, which means things have slipped, I’m working on getting back to regular posting & also catching up on soap of the month & all that, wheeeeeeeeeeeee urgk

anyway accountability & all that, you know the drill


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