okay THAT was hilarious

[ A screenshot with a bunch of text on it. The text is in columns: the first saying things like country, city, and name of organization; the second with answers to these, many of which have been redacted out. The vital part, for purposes of this post, will come in the description for the second image, because I am a butthead. ]

A week or so back I hadda renew the SSL for this site. For those of you with no idea what the hell I’m talking about, that’s fine; what you need to know is SSL is basically the thing that ecommerce sites sign up for that keeps your credit card info safe on our sites. SLIGHTLY important. Your credit card information is safe with me! Because I Did the Thing!

Part of the process is I gotta fill out a form, send it in, & get a thing back. Filled out things like country, city, state, name of organization, then got to ‘organizational unit’, by which they mean ‘what division of the already-named company is this for?’.

Being in An Mood, & tired of assumptions people make about small businesses (I have little more in common with a ‘small business’ with fifty employees than I do with GM, frex), I filled that in as follows:

“look it’s a small business, we’ve got nine employees & four of them are cats”

Fifteen minutes later, I got back the thing I needed, whipped out a quick thank-you email, & went on with life.

THEN I actually LOOKED at the thing.

4 cats 2

[ It’s the same chunk of text except that the answer to Organizational Unit, instead of being redacted, now says 4 cats. Also that’s been roughly circled in red, just to make sure. ]

Why YES I completely lost my shit.

Like. That’s not ‘the code barfed & happened to put in the part that would be funny’.

That was ‘I made the dude snortlaugh & he decided to return the favor’.

I immediately sent him another email, in which I thanked him & also promised if the company ever DOES get big enough to have divisions, one of them will be named ‘4 cats’.

Bonus? RIght after I sent THAT I got a ‘rate your customer service rep’ email. Didn’t tell them what the dude did, lest it get him in trouble, but I did give him the highest possible score & request they give him a massive bonus.

Will he get a massive bonus? Probably not. But at least he got a good laugh.

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