cats: in which I’m not allowed to sit on my chair WITHOUT a lapTom

2024 03 26 18.28.09

[ Major Tom, a big grey tomcat, or at least his massive head. He’s facing off to the left, and his eyes are mostly closed. ]

I think he forgot that ‘lap’ was an option I encourage, & now that he’s been reminded he’s trying to catch up on the last couple years.

Anyway when I settle onto my comfy chair, I need to settle REAL QUICK, & get the blanket in place IMMEDIATELY, because Tom is already on his way & will be walking up from the direction of my feet pretty much RIGHT NOW.

I’m mostly good with this, though sometimes I need to rearrange myself before he’s ready to rearrange himself & there’s usually some contention in the process of resolving that.

He’s warm, though, & that’s really, really nice this time of year.

2024 03 26 18.28.16

[ The camera has moved backwards, thus displaying all of Tom’s large self. He’s meatloafed on my lap, forepaws tucked under, tail wrapped around his left hindleg. ]

& like. Snuggles. They’re always nice. PLUS he’s heavy enough to count as a small but nicely dense weighted blanket.

Plus petting!

2024 03 26 18.28.32

[ My hand is tucked under Tom’s chin, scritching his throat; his head is tilted to allow this. His face is slightly blurry but he looks very pleased. ]

Sometimes we kinda nap together! Usually after he’s laid his head on my hand so I can’t move it. Can’t do my color by number app, might as well sleep.

2024 03 26 18.28.29

[ My fingers are still kinda dug into his fur, but he’s lowered his head just enough that they’re pinned there. ]


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