unabashed looting

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There’s an abandoned house down the street, right across from the mailboxes.

(Okay, there are a LOT of abandoned houses around here, but this one is VERY VISIBLY abandoned.)

I got bored one day a week or so ago & thought I’d wander in to see what I could find. (Also I needed a piece of screening to cover the stove vent, & I figured chances were good I’d find one there…)

The which I did. I _also_ saw several REALLY AWESOME things inside the doorway when I peeked through. Which was easy, cos it hasn’t got a door any longer.

But it was all a bit too much to carry home, so last week I came back with the van.

Herein I present: My loot.

It needs a bit more scrubbing, but that’s easy enough.

A wooden plant pot, in the shape of an upside-down step pyramid. It's wood, stained dark red.

I’m gonna repaint this one — yes, probably purple — & put a plant in it.

& then the PRIZE.

It is an entire-ass spinning wheel.


…now all we need is a sheep.

Better yet? It’s an Ashford.

Closeup of part of the spinning wheel, which says Ashford.

Which means 1) It’s good quality & ALSO 2) you can still get parts for it.


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