surprise horses


There are only two cat pictures this week, but what with one thing & another I don’t feel bad about that.

Last Thursday I wandered into the kitchen & when I looked out back, I saw horses.


I mean, there are horses in the area, we’re out in the sticks, plenty of people have horses, but they usually, you know, stay home?

So I figured, well, fences break, some horses got out, they look happy, their people will find them eventually.

But then a couple days ago I looked out the bathroom window to see this.

Three horses, all chestnut. One is a tiny baby foal with a lil bottlebrush tail. They are SO CUTE.


I went out the front door, trying to keep all the cats in, but Hades is quick. I figured he was the least likely to scare the horses, at least, so I let him stay out with me.

We settled on the back stoop to watch the horses, who were really calm about us being there. Hades, on the other hand, had STRONG reservations about all this.

Hades, a black, longhaired cat, seen from above. He's staring out at the horses, & his ears are eloquent of WTF.

& eventually buggered off to go back inside. On his belly.

Hades, belly to the ground, staring off to the right, where presumably there are horses that will eat him.

…which just left me & the horses, which was cool.

Two horses, a dark shestnut & a lighter brown. They're both grazing very close to the house that's off to the left of the picture.

Eventually they wandered off, though this guy stayed for a bit longer.

The same lighter brown horse from the last picture. He's got a small white diamond on his forehead & white socks on both rear hooves. He's got his head down & he's grazing, but his ears are pointed towards the camera.

But then Sunday night they came back! No pics, of course, but at one point the baby was close enough to my bedroom window that I coulda petted them if the screen hadn’t been there. & when I woke up the next morning, they’d mowed down the tall ragweed I was worried I’d have to cut. I put some water out for them today, & I hope to see them wander by again.


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