cats: a LAPTOM

2024 03 20 21.47.02

[ A kinda dark and not very crisp photo of my lap, from above. Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is curled up right there. His head is down and he looks asleep. ]

So Major Tom, of all people, was immediately comfortable with Jasper’s new wheelchair. Loiosh does okay — as he should, I’ve been introducing him to people who use wheelchairs (& their chairs) his entire life — but he’s still kinda wary. Tom was rubbing his face on it inside of a day or two, & he nearly gets his tail run over at least twice most days.

He’s even started sitting in Jasper’s lap, even while Jasper’s rolling around the house. A couple times Jasper has had to actively evict him. I’m very pleased by this, of course — there’s only a few people who have ever been honored by a lapTom — but also a bit jealous, as Tom hadn’t sat in MY lap since before we left New Mexico. I expressed this to Jasper (& Tom, who was, of course, comfortably ensconced at the moment).

That night, I had a lapTom, not once, but twice.

Coincidence? Has Tom learned more English than I thought? He does know a lot of English; it’s occasionally unnerving.

That said? I ain’t complaining.

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