cats: it’s only ALMOST spring

2024 01 31 09.25.09

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is curled up on the warmy spot; Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is sitting next to him. Both have their eyes half-closed, and are looking rather sleepy. ]

It’s napping cats pictures season, so here’s some pictures of napping cats.

Loiosh has been ESPECIALLY photogenic lately.

2024 03 04 15.04.30

[ Loiosh is curled up at the front corner of the cat bed, tail draped leisurely over the edge, one forepaw with claws dug into the pretty knitted fabric that covers the heating pad. All of his other paws are gathered up against his belly, and his eyes are mostly closed. ]

It’s dark enough in that corner that I need to turn on the light to get decent pictures, even during the day. Loiosh isn’t always thrilled with this.

2024 03 04 16.07.49

[ Loiosh is in the same spot, but meatloafed up, with a cranky look on his face. ]

Some days, though, I manage it just fine.

2024 03 05 08.30.42

[ Loiosh is sleeping with his chin resting on my hand; his tail is curled up between the camera and his eyes, but his freckled nose is visible. ]

Anyway I’m really glad the boys are, occasionally, willing to share the warmy spot.

2024 03 03 11.47.03

[ Both boys are meatloafed. Tom has his eyes open, but doesn’t look very awake. Loiosh has meatloafed his front half almost off of the warmy spot entirely, with his head hanging over the edge. ]

Alas, there’s still more slapfights than snuggles.

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