cats: in which i haul our butts out of the house

2024 03 10 17.18.48

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a blue bow tie, is walking down a bit of a slope towards the camera, looking up at it. The ground is mostly bare but there is a band of dried grass to the right, with water just past that. In the background are some still-leafless trees. ]

So what with one thing & another everything has been A Lot, & in an attempt to break out of the funk, I grabbed Loiosh, shoved him in the van, & drove out to one of the parking spots near the Rio Grande, thence to accidentally walk almost four miles WITH THE STROLLER, on paths that were never designed for anything with wheels wider than a bicycle.

… look, I’m not saying it was a GOOD idea.

A fair bit of it was right along the river, which was lovely; it’s pretty much thawed now, & the sound of running water is very, very welcome. (Also I found some good sticks! Shortly you will see some of them as faery home decor pieces!) Loiosh had a lovely time, most of it in the stroller, though he did get out & walk several times as well. Plus, of course, there was dried grass to gnaw on.

First you gotta survey the premises …

2024 03 10 17.19.43

[ Loiosh is standing on a rock, with a bunch of dry grass right in front of him. He’s ignoring the grass, & is, instead, looking off to the left. ]

Then you get down to business.

2024 03 10 17.19.51

[ Loiosh has shoved his entire head shoved into the grass. His mouth is a bit open, his tongue sticking just a bit out, & his nose is crinkled up as if he’s sneezing, which it’s entirely possible he was. ]

Then you do … whatever this is.

2024 03 10 17.20.45

[ He’s picked his head back up and is basically making Mr. Yuck face, complete with the stuck-out tongue, I do not even know. ]

Then! As if the sun had suddenly & unexpectedly risen from years of night! A! Dramatical! Pose!

2024 03 10 17.20.52

[ He’s almost sitting, head turned to look back over his shoulder, blue Colorado sky behind him. There’s about a four inch long stalk of some kind of plant stuck to the side of his face. ]

… so close. So VERY close.

Anyway that was WAY further than I’d planned to walk, & should you ever hear me say that I’m just taking a short walk & don’t need to bring along the water, kindly thump me on the head & make sure I bring it anyways. ESPECIALLY since I had the stroller & could easily have tucked it in there.

Still a fun walk, though, & I’ll definitely be doing it again, although probably with Loiosh in the back basket next time. AND WATER.

2024 03 10 17.25.31

[ Loiosh is standing on the trunk of a fallen cottonwood tree, facing away; his tail is caught midlash, and his head is turned, ears and whiskers alert, looking at something interesting off to the left. ]

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