short takes: a table

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[ A table, roughly but sturdily built from 2×4 lumber and plywood, sits outside, in front of a number of cardboard boxes and a set of wooden shelves that have fallen over. A gallon jug of water and two boxes of tissues sit on it. There’s a shelf underneath, about a foot up from the ground; it runs the full width of the table, and most of the depth. ]

I’ve been trying to figure out ways to rearrange the house so there’s more space, or at least so the space that exists can be used more efficiently. I keep running into problems, though, mostly because the two folding tables I have to work with are just too wide to fit anywhere. I’ve been stuck in couches spinning in infinity mode for several months now, & it’s been really frustrating.

Until a couple-three days ago, when I realized that I could MAKE MY OWN TABLE THAT WAS THE PRECISE RIGHT SIZE TO FIT.

… please, hold your applause, I know, it’s a true breakthrough.

Anyway it took me about four hours, from measuring the intended space to hauling it (with help from CJ) over to sit across from the front door. I’m pretty pleased with it; rough as it is, it sits flat & square, it’s more than sturdy enough to hold me & Morgyn both (the only reason we couldn’t dance the Horse’s Bransle is there isn’t enough room), it fits PRECISELY in the space I’d measured it for (slightly to my surprise, mind you), & it works REALLY WELL.

It also means that my comfy chair is UPSTAIRS, which means I sit there pretty often to read, which means Loiosh is the happiest cat in the UNIVERSE because the chair puts me at the right angle for cuddles.

Now, to make a zillionty soap!

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