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Yes, this is both your cats & progress post for this week, on account of I’m picking up the trailer on Friday & aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa

But I finished up the worktable, complete with shelf & lumber storage, & LOOK AT IT, IT IS SO GOOD

Also Major Tom likes it a lot. Here, he is saying ‘dis mine’.

A closeup of the worktable top, upon which, in possessive fashion, rests a large grey paw.

Behold, lumber storage underneath! Also, lounging tomcat!

A slightly closer view of the right half of the worktable, showing the lumber stored underneath, & also, Major Tom sprawled on top.

This project is where I gave in & accepted that yes, I _am_ going to need a gallon of wood screws. SHUT UP.

But it is VERY STURDY because I used a LOT OF WOOD SCREWS. Also I braced everything, & then braced the braces. It is, thus, also VERY HEAVY.

But Tom likes it as a place to sprawl. & it’s not like there’s no room.

A closeup of Tom's face. His ears are slightly back & he's gazing off to the right.

… do I HAFTA go inside now, Mom?

This time he's looking off to the left, & his ears are forward. He's got pretty yellow eyes.

Yes. Yes, you do.

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