cats: in which Loiosh is not so serene

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a blue bow tie, is tucked under a black folding chair. He’s hunkered down, ears tilted out to the side, looking generally unhappy. ]

Loiosh has had Strong Opinions about the vet office since the time, a bunch of years back, when someone poked a nerve while giving him a shot. I can’t blame him, that HURTS.

I’ve had no luck getting him reconciled to going since then, either. I guess the memory of pain is harder to overcome than the memory of fear. Ahh well; maybe the monthly visits from now on will help.

The January visit did NOT help. He spent a bunch of time at the door, but not with the desire to cause problems on purpose like SOME PEOPLE I COULD MENTION; he just wanted OUT. The blep was simply good luck on my part.

[ Loiosh is standing at the door to the exam room, looking very impatient, except for the part where he’s in the middle of licking his nose and his tongue is all curled. ]

But this visit was worse than most.

Why is that, you ask?

[ Loiosh is laying in the cat stroller, facing the back, ears stuck out to the side. Most of the shot is taken up by his hinder parts. ]

What horrible fate awaited him on this day?

[ A closer view of Loiosh’s head, He’s stubbornly turned his face away from the camera. His ears are angry. ]

He hadda get his EARS CLEANED.

[ Loiosh has finally turned to face the camera, with the most pitiful look on his face. Both ears are still flat but at this angle the damp fur around each one is especially noticeable. This has NOT been a good day. ]

& then the next day when he realized I was gonna KEEP cleaning his ears EVERY DAY?

ANG ER EY (up until he realized how much it was helping & nagged me to do it the couple times I forgot)

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