cats: in which Loiosh mostly glares at the camera

2024 01 30 12.53.37

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness and a blue bow tie, is sitting underneath a metal picnic table, glaring up at the camera. ]

Once I’d separated out the leafpile pictures from the park, what I was left with was … pretty much Loiosh glaring at the camera.

Or looking at it, that’s fairly possible too, but he DOES have his opinions & he’s NOT shy about them, so I’m gonna go with glaring. Anyway that’s funnier.

But … judge for yourself. Look or glare?

2024 01 30 12.14.40

[ Loiosh is in the back of the van, sitting next to the open side door. Bright sun is shining on his fur. One ear is tilted just slightly back. He’s looking at the camera. ]

What do you think?

2024 01 30 13.15.15

[ He’s sitting on the front passenger seat, facing the driver’s seat. His head’s tilted down a bit but his gaze is still aimed right at the camera. That same ear is tilted just about the same amount. ]

Glare? Look?

2024 01 30 13.17.45

[ Loiosh is in the exact same spot, though the camera’s pulled back a bit to show his entire body. He’s sitting up, forepaws neatly collected in front of him, left hindleg stuck just a bit out to the side. His whiskers and ears are both relaxed, and his eyes are closed; he is asleep. ]

To be fair it WAS a lot of walking. I was pretty wiped out too.

Also? Yeah, I giggled at him.

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