cats: a leafpile

2024 01 30 12.29.49

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green halter, is caught in the middle of turning around in a pile of autumn leaves that’s been blown into the corner of a chain link fence. The leaves are only up to around his belly. They go with his fur very well. It’s a bright beautiful Colorado day, with glorious amounts of sunshine. ]

A week or two back Loiosh had his annual exam, during which it was discovered that one of his kidney values was slightly high. (All of his other numbers are GREAT, which I keep reminding myself of every time I remember he’s FIFTEEN WTF.) Since his current painkiller can have the side effect of causing kidney troubles, it was clearly time to change his arthritis treatment to something else.

‘Something else’ is a monthly shot, which is VASTLY easier than getting liquid meds into his face every three days, if significantly more expensive ($70/month; buy more soap!). It is, also, it turns out, a LOT more effective. He’s feeling SO MUCH better. (He’s being SUCH an asshole.)

… which means I gotta get him out of the house more. I need to get ME out of the house more, so that’s fine, I’ll just take him to the park once a week or so.

He found a leafpile. & then he found the BEST SPOT.

2024 01 30 12.29.24

[ Loiosh, seen side-on to the camera, has his ENTIRE FACE shoved into the leaves. His ears are VERY intent. His whiskers are down there somewhere. ]

I don’t know what smelled so awesome, but it was, apparently. AWESOME. I think I took ten or fifteen pictures while he had his face shoved in there.

But then! Wait! What is that he sees?

2024 01 30 12.29.34

[ He’s lifted his head and is looking directly forward. His ears are perked, his whiskers intent. ]

It’s a TREE.

2024 01 30 12.32.39

[ He’s looking up the trunk of a grey-barked tree that’s pressing its way into a chain link fence. ]

I offered to help him climb, but he turned me down. There were, it seemed, more leaves to sniff.

2024 01 30 12.44.34

[ He’s laying down in the leaves, showing off his blue bow tie. He’s looking just to the left of the camera, eyes squinted just slightly shut, ears and whiskers both relaxed. He looks extremely happy. ]

… what?

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