short takes: paint-based serendipity

2023 09 27 15.33.44

[ Two paint chips, one a medium-pale blue green, the other a deep forest green, sit atop a paint can. The splotch of paint on the can is a light green that looks really good with the other two colors. ]

I nearly always check the oops paint when I’m in a hardware store, & I almost never get any, because the VAST majority of the colors available at any one time can best be considered ‘aggressively boring’: eleventy-GRILLION shades of white, off-white, vaguely tan, sort of gray, and not-really-describable-but-you-had-an-apartment-that-color-once.

… okay, look, if that’s the color you want your stuff to be, go ahead, have fun, I’m not gonna say anything. But I like COLOR, & fortunately for all of us, so does everyone else here.

Jasper was the one who saw the colonial era line of colors at the local Ace, & he happily grabbed a bunch of paint chips, & after a bunch of sorting, agreeing, disagreeing, chucking paint chips at each other (& the cats), & rescuing paint chips from the puppy, we settled on a pair of greens — one light enough to make the room brighter without being pastel, one dark enough for an accent wall.

Of course, when I went in to get them mixed up, I checked the oops paint. & right there was a pint of the LOVELIEST pale green, which I IMMEDIATELY grabbed. (Plus a whole bunch of ‘yes I _can_ see the difference between all those shades of white but why does it MATTER’, which I was glad to skip.) I love a nice hit of serendipity, so of course I snapped a pic to send to the household. There isn’t enough of it for a wall, but maybe it could go on the currently-white parts of the doors, or the doorframe, or maybe we’ll just use it to add viney details on the accent wall …

… my imprecations upon neutrals aside (I GUESS you could argue that in the comments if you like, but I’m just gonna remind you that we’re allowed to have different opinions about colors), serendipity really is a lovely thing. How’s serendipity showed up in your life lately? & is it a pretty color?

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