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[ A wooden table sits in the corner of a room. It has a set of shelves on the back half. The shelves are covered in a variety of boxes and baskets containing various shipping supplies; so is part of the table, but there’s a nice open space in the middle for actually doing stuff. ]

Ever since we finally moved into the house last November, all of the business workspaces, & a lot of the storage, has been upstairs in the house. Along with my bed & the very few personal things I could fit. In a 12×16 space, with slanted-in walls & a stove pipe.

It was PRETTY TIGHT up here, is what I’m saying.

I was hoping to start moving things downstairs in the spring, but what with one thing & another, by which I mean ‘we are all busted & also not very good at getting around to things’, I finally managed to move my setup for packing orders downstairs last week.

Y’all. It is AWESOME. (Yeah it looks like a bit of a mess but everything is organized now? I love it??)

Even though I’m using the same table that was up here, there’s more space, because half the table isn’t tucked under the slanty wall, which means I could add shelves. Plus I can roll the chair back a bit without having to worry about hitting the soap shelves & knocking them over! Again! That sucked a LOT!

I might get licked on the butt by a dog, but that’s a risk pretty often here anyway, I’ll take it.

There’s a LOT more to get done — I need to bring down the stock shelves, the folding table, & the cabinet I use to cure soap, & first I need to MAKE ROOM for all that, & it’s gonna be a complex process, because while I’m doing that I’m also going to be installing PROPER insulation up here, & putting plywood on top of that. I wish I could’ve worked on that over the summer, but with everything up here, there just wasn’t space …

… it’s gonna be a whole thing, & I honestly doubt I’m going to get through the entire insulation & plywood thing this winter. But we got through last winter with crappy insulation up here, so even a little bit is gonna be a HUGE improvement.

& having more SPACE for making soap & packing orders downstairs? Plus having Morgyn & Jasper being able to help without having to haul their way up the horrible stairs? That’s gonna help SO MUCH with Giftmas.

It’s gonna be AWESOME.

What projects have you got going that’ll make your life easier?

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