cats: in which Loiosh is … honestly not as cranky about it as he COULD be

Img 2061

[ A close view of Loiosh’s face. He’s a handsome orange tabby, and in the photo he’s looking down and to the right, contemplative. ]

Given that Jasper, for purposes of keeping my HORRIBLE HORRIBLE CHILD out of trouble, picked him up & held him upside down like a baby.


Img 2060

[ Loiosh is looking straight out to the right, whiskers perked forward. Just a bit of Jasper’s thumb is visible. ]

Usually Loiosh is ANG ER EY when this happens but sometimes he decides it’s worth it for the cuddles?

I guess?

Img 2059

[ Loiosh is looking down again — or more likely the camera is at a different angle, but in either case, he’s okay with it. ]

Only for so long, though. There are limits

Img 2062

[ The shot is still focused on Loiosh’s face, but most of it is hidden behind the blurry, furry leg he’s shoving the camera aside with, in the process of flailing his way down to the floor. ]

… & that was his limit, right there.

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