cats: an odd place to sleep

2023 07 30 18.13.30

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is curled up asleep on a foot rest. His head is just at the edge, and one ear sticks out over the edge. ]

Not sleeping on my footstool, he does that all the time. Not at all odd. However,

2023-07-30 18.13.26

[ A slightly different angle. One of Loiosh’s ears is resting on a loop of electrical cord. ]

Yeah, that’s … I don’t know how that’s comfortable.

2023-07-30 18.13.45

[ Angled further around, it’s pretty clear that the electrical wire is, in fact, holding Loiosh’s head up just a bit. ]

Apparently, though, it is.

Unlike me taking pictures of him whilst cackling, that is …

2023-07-14 19.02.25

[ Loiosh, clearly just woken from a sound sleep, is not quite looking at the camera, ears stuck firmly out to the sides, eyes half-closed. ]

… what?

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