cats: just some pics

[ Sigdis, a plump black cat wearing a sky blue harness, is curled up in a cat bed that’s been wedged between a slanting wall and a set of shelves. Her eyes are half-closed; she’s clearly just been woken up. ]

I stuffed that cat bed in there a while back; it took a couple weeks but Sigdis has decided it’s the best of all possible spots. Mostly she just naps there, but sometimes she sticks her head out over the side — it’s right next to the ladder, so she can see a lot of downstairs — & plays Ceiling Cat.

She’s usually alone in there, but not always.

2023-05-15 15.24.34

[ Marisol, a tiny longhaired calico, was in the bed first; she’s curled up, one paw over the edge, looking cranky. This is because Sigdis is climbing in with her and slowly arranging herself on top of her sister. ]

Marisol is usually pretty patient about this, tbh, if only because Sigdis is WARM. Also punching is effort & she likes keeping that for when Loiosh is being a buttinski.

I like this pic, it’s nearly art.

2023-05-15 15.25.03

[Marisol’s little face is the only thing visible in the cat bed; behind her is blurry shelves and wall, and below her is the cat bed, which has picked up a lot of dirt and stuff. Marisol’s nose is pink and most of her muzzle is white; her chin is patched with orange and black, and around her eyes is orange. She has long, long whiskers. Her eyes are mostly closed, and she looks pleased. ]

We took Sigdis & Loiosh along to Salida a couple weeks back, just to give Sigdis a chance to get used to being out in the world. She did very well & got pets from a bunch of people! Also a bit of ice cream. But this was the only picture we managed.

2023-05-09 13.23.56

[ Sigdis is sprawled on the back seat of the pickup. She’s in the middle of licking her nose, so her tongue is stuck out and kinda blurry. Above her stands Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness with a blue bow tie. He doesn’t look too thrilled with the situation. ]

Of course Loiosh was angry; Sigdis was in HIS stroller, getting HIS attention from HIS public. Course most of them petted him, too, but that’s not the POINT.

… he coped pretty well, though. & Sigdis did GREAT.

Got a nice shot of Marisol passed out asleep behind her Momma. No, Morgyn ISN’T allowed to lean back.

2023-05-05 14.06.47

[ Marisol has tucked herself into the spot between Morgyn’s shoulders and the back of the chair they’re sitting on. Morgyn is, therefore, leaned forward a bit. Marisol’s comprehensively asleep, one white-toed paw stretched out in front of her, then other tucked in front of her chest. ]

In other news Loiosh does NOT like it when I go outside without him.

2023-05-05 14.08.31

[ Loiosh is standing steadfastly just inside the front door, staring up through the dirty glass. He has a deliberately patient look on his face. Some of my hair is visible in the reflection of the glass, above Loiosh’s head and to the left. It’s windy. ]

I got hollered at once I was inside, too, something about wasting time taking pictures when I SHOULD have been safely INSIDE with MY BOY.

… okay, valid.

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