[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, stands on a boulder near a patch of fresh green grass. He’s got a stalk of it in his mouth, and the tip of his tongue is just peeking out. ]

I hadda pull these three pics out special because … well, you’ll see. My boy. My BOY.

2023-04-14 15.58.49

[ He’s turned his head away from the camera, just a bit, maneuvering the grass back to his molars, apparently on the theory they’ll do a better job of biting through. ]

He’s a perfectly normal cat. See? See? No weird faces here! Just eatin grass!

(when I’m taking these pictures I just kinda … point & shoot. a bunch. i LOVE digital cameras. i love them SO SO MUCH. they let me get pictures like this:)

2023-04-14 15.58.50

[ Loiosh’s mouth is wide open, and his tongue is stuck all the way out, curled down and stuck out to the side. It looks kinda like he’s trying to lick that blade of grass into his mouth, except for the part where it’s firmly under his tongue. Which. Doesn’t work. ]

He’s just … he’s just not very GOOD at this, is all.

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