cats: every month is Pride

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is laying on a pile of blankets on my bed. He’s got one forepaw stretched out in front of him; the other one is tucked. A tiny rainbow cowboy hat sits on his head; it’s honestly too small for him. He’s looking off to the right, ears stuck out flat, possibly because the hat’s strap is laying over his ears. ]

CJ brought home a buncha Pride stuff from work — a pile of buttons, rainbow suspenders for me (THANK YOU CJ!), & a tiny rainbow hat.

Have you met us? Hell YEAH that went on cats immediately. I grabbed my camera, Jasper placed the hat.

Tom is SO patient. But I figured getting the straps away from his ears wouldn’t hurt.

2023-04-07 14.38.15

[ Closer up on my handsome tomcat. The pesky strap has been moved, and the hat does, indeed, look more comfortable. Tom even looks a bit more comfortable wearing it; one eye is closed and the other is mostly so. ]

I managed to take a BUNCH of pictures, & he just kinda sat there with his WTF HUMANS expression & let me do it.

Course Jasper hadda be a butt.

2023-04-07 14.38.31

[ The hat’s been tilted forwards, so the front of the brim is resting right on Tom’s nose. His ears are still stuck out to the sides, but that’s the only sign of displeasure he decided to show. ]

Even then he left it on rather than shake it off. He got plenty of love for his forebearance.

Loiosh had hopped up on the bed to watch the festivities, so naturally we turned to him next.

That was … generally ineffective.

2023-04-07 14.38.43

[ Judging by the blur, Loiosh is not just shaking his head to get the hat off, he’s shaking his whole body. The only part of him not in motion, by the looks of things, is one spot on his right shoulder. The hat is in the process of falling off behind him, strap trailing across the top of his head. ]

Not just NOPE but REALLY NOPE.

2023-04-07 14.38.44

[ About half of the shot is taken up by a wooden tabletop. A blur of orange fur is hastily receding underneath. The hat, caught midair, looks to be tumbling towards my pillow. NOPE. ]

Ahh, well. I’ve gotten plenty of other pictures of him in hats, & there will be other times.

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