cats: bowtie resurgence!

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness with a blue bowtie, is meatloafed in a rectangular green basket. He looks comprehensively asleep. ]

Loiosh’s PROPER harness has been missing for MONTHS.

I finally found it, while cleaning out Tyrava. Of course I immediately put it on him, & he was simultaneously VERY pleased & also really cranky that we didn’t immediately leave for An Abventure.

He even asked for it the next day, which he NEVER does; he might’ve gotten the idea from Tom, who sometimes needs his harness on so he remembers that no matter where we’re going, he gets to come with. In any case I was happy to put it on him again.

Didn’t get round to getting pics until he was passed out on the cat bed, alas, mostly he just looks half-asleep & kinda cranky. But hey, bowtie.

2023-04-02 20.51.31

[ He’s turned his head just a bit towards the camera, and one ear is slightly cocked, but he hasn’t opened his eyes at ALL. ]

Yes, I’m a butthead & woke him up. The bowtie! I needed pictures!

2023-04-02 20.52.58

[ He’s picked up his head and his eyes are open, but he still doesn’t look very awake. Also this is a broader shot, so one can see that he was sleeping with his butt shoved into the back corner of the basket. ]


i mean valid but also, THE BOWTIE

2023-04-02 20.51.44

[ A closer view of his handsome face. He’s looking right, over his shoulder. His ears are slightly flattened. He definitely looks more focused. ]

This is where I’d say ‘& then he punched me’ but he really _is_ the most patient boy in the world.

2023-04-02 20.51.57

[ He’s turned his head back towards the camera. His whiskers are all forward but his ears are skeptical. Nice view of the bowtie, though. ]

I did let him sleep after that. & next time I put his harness on, it’ll be Abventure time.

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