makin things: lotsa seaglass

[ A flat steel jewelry anvil holds four pieces of seaglass, each wrapped in copper or gold-colored wire in extremely simple patterns. One piece is brown, another is green, and the other two are white. ]

Sometime last summer I made jewelry stuff for all of the ‘and a rock’ subscribers to my patreon & ko-fi, & I used seaglass for all of them. MUCH later I did a blog post with pics of what everyone got, as sort of a teaser & also I needed to post SOMETHING that week. Anyway a couple people asked if there was likely to be seaglass in the shop again, like, ever, & well, it’s been a while, so I dug out a buncha seaglass & started wrapping.

There’s a LOT more wrapped than I’m showing here; this is just what I grabbed when I had time & brain to finish up a couple pieces. I took a look at the green one, first, figured I’d do something pretty simple & then hang a bead or two from the second loop.


[ A piece of clearish green seaglass has been wrapped in gold-colored wire, a very simple once-around wrap with loops at the top and bottom. It’s sitting on the jewelry anvil, under a length of much thicker copper wire that’s been bent into an arch. The shorter arm of the arch has been bent around into a simple loop; the longer into the beginnings of a spiral. The arch is really too narrow for the seaglass piece to sit in. ]

I mean I coulda widened the thing out, but it had a really nice shape & I didn’t wanna mess it up. The simpler white piece was narrower anyway, that’d probably fit right.


[ One of the white seaglass pieces fits perfectly inside the arch, with the loop at the top sitting just below the top of the arch. This seaglass piece is wrapped in copper wire, with only one loop. The copper arch is textured, now, a plethora of tiny dents beaten into it with the round end of a jewelry hammer. ]

Needed something at the top to hang the whole thing by, but that’s easy.


[ There’s a much shorter piece of thick wire, bent into an inverted U with serifs sticking out to each side. It’s sitting just above the top of the copper arch. ]

Round & round with the really thin wire, mostly for decoration, but good for holding things together, too.


[ Narrow wire spirals around the length of the copper arch. At the top of the arch is the shorter piece of wire, held tightly in place by the thinner copper wire; it has a copper jump ring through it, to hold the necklace cord. ]

Et voila! Now I just gotta put the seaglass on there & it’s done, right? right?

AHAHAHAHA no, it hung funny.

I didn’t get any pictures of this part because I was CRANKY & it took AGES to get it to where the seaglass wasn’t whacking into the left side of the copper. It’s nearly entirely different now, but I guess it looks okay, so fine, whatever. ARGH.


[ The longer arm of the arch, which once hung down almost to the bottom of the seaglass, has been curled up into much more of a spiral. The right side, much shorter, has been bent into a tighter arc. But the seaglass is nicely framed between and under the two ends now. ]

… yeah fine I actually really like how it turned out.

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