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Apparently Woods Day is also Make A Big Piece For Trickster’s Trash Day these days. I’m good with that.

I have spirals on the brain pretty often, so I decided to go with that. I even remembered to take a picture of the piece after I framed it out this time!

The wire's now in a neat spiral; the outer end is fastened to the hoop by more silvery-coloured wire.

I tried a couple different arrangements of the seaglass before I found one I was happy with. Not that it looked like that when I was done with it, but, well.

The pieces of seaglass have been arranged around the spiral, reasonably evenly, from small to large, with the biggest one sitting in the center of the spiral.

The first piece, wrapped & put into place!

The smallest seaglass piece has been wrapped in thin silvery wire, which extends to fasten it between the hoop & the thick wire.

That’s where I got all hung up with making it & forgot to take more pictures, but that’s how THAT goes.

Of course nothing quite winds up looking like I’d planned, but I’ve gotten good at refrotzing on the fly.

There are now six seaglass pieces fastened in the spaces between the spiralling wire. The thicker wire is in sort of a double loop at the center, because the spiral isn't quite the same shape it was before. I don't know how to describe it right, words are hard.

Et voila!

The finished piece, held up in the air, against a background of trees. There are eight white seaglass pieces now, the biggest fastened over the center of the spiral. The sun glows through them & it does look pretty cool.

It’s not as well-balanced as I’d like — I think next time I need to leave each seaglass piece somewhat movable until they’re all attached, so I can adjust as I go — but WOW does it catch the light!

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