cats: a Very Good Hiding Place

[ A bundle of BRIGHT yellow plasticy-looking fabric takes up most of the shot. If you peek into the depths of the folds, though, you can see something that MIGHT just be a cat face. ]

My Aunt Ann had this box of stuff she was gonna take to the thrift store, but she decided to send it to us instead. So we had fun digging through the box & finding treasures. Also some REALLY BRIGHT rain slickers.

& then, of course, there was a boy.


[ Just about half of Loiosh’s face, including most of one limpid eye, is visible behind a fold of the yellow stuff. ]

I don’t know how useful the stuff is gonna be, here, but what the heck, it’s worth keeping around. If nothing else? I can make a horribly bright cat tent.

(Also there were socks. Socks are always good.)


[ He’s ducked JUST a smitch further out, so his entire right eye is visible. ]

THERE you are!

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