a little teaser; also, an apology

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[ A small black leather pouch sits, flap open, on a green and white outdoor carpet. It is handsewn, with a horn button to hold the flap closed. Two others, both closed, sit behind it; also behind it is a copper-and-seaglass pendant. ]

So FIRST off I want to show off what my Soap & A Rock level sponsors got back in … uh … September? I think? The first time I got too busy to send out the Soap of the Month like usual, & thus everyone got both months’ worth of soap, & the And A Rock level people got extra-cool stuff.

… which is happening again, because I ALSO was too busy to send out October AND November, & here it is almost the end of December & I’m … gonna send it all out real soon, I promise.

& this time EVERYONE’s getting extra cool stuff, because I’m like that & also uhhhhhh as a concrete apology.

… look there’s just been a LOT, is all


[ Four of the pouches, each a bit different, lean against a slab of wood. ]

Jasper’s been doing leather stuff for a while now, so I asked him if he’d be willing to make some pouches real quick to hold the jewelry I had planned. I figured simple drawstring pouches, ten minutes apiece, whip em out real quick, bang boom.

Instead he did these.

& I did pendants to go with them, celebrating the fact that I’d actoually FOUND some of my seaglass. It’s been too long since I’ve worked with seaglass anyways.


[ One of the leather pouches leans against a thick slab of wood, next to a pale green piece of seaglass that’s been very simply wrapped in copper wire. The seaglass hangs from a spiral of thicker copper wire, which has been beaten flat and also wound around with thin copper wire. ]

I figure together they’re a pretty good concrete apology for making people wait a month.


[ Another pouch lays, flap open; on the flap sits another pendant, much like the first, though the seaglass is a different shape. ]

… problem is NOW I have to come up with something even BETTER.

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