process: lots of soap edition

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[ Four bulbous glass jars, the rough shape of squat Greek amphorae, sit on a shelf, each holding a different colour of bath salts. One is yellow, the next brown, the third is blue, and the last is a brown-red. ]

Also bath salts, cos those are the other thing that takes time, but this time of year it’s all about the soap.

I do love the jars I just moved the salts into, though. I did it cos the old jars were too small to fit a half cup measure into, which made it harder to get them packaged up, but also, don’t they just LOOK nice this way?

I don’t know if I’ve ever posted a photo of my herb stuff work area, so here tis.


[ On the right is a wooden desk, which holds a scattering of jars and bottles, along with a notebook full of recipes on a wooden book stand. Above that are two shelves; the top one holds the aforementioned bath salts, next to more jars holding various herbs immersed in oil. The shelf below it holds jars of herbs. To the left are a couple of shelves, which hold more herbs, along with a stack of soap molds. ]

I’m really gonna miss the built-in stuff. I’m vaguely hoping the people who buy the place decide they don’t want them, but I extremely doubt that’s gonna happen.

Mostly, there’s been soap. I’m trying to make enough to last, not only until I have a place to live, but until I can make soap there, which means I gotta have running water AND power. Gonna be a while.

My normal soap-curing area is full.


[ A wood cabinet with one built-in shelf and another propped inside, of white metal. The entire thing is stuffed full of soap in a variety of colours. ]

My subsidiary soap-curing area, also known as ‘a couple soap stock shelves that I pulled the stock boxes off of’, is ALMOST full.


[ Three shelves of my soap storage shelves. The top is full of more curing soap. The next one down holds two soap storage boxes, labeled ‘good-smellin bug soap’ and ‘into the labyrinth’. The lowest one has a bunch of purple soap stacked up on the left side, but is otherwise empty, at least so far. ]

Also, dishes. So many dishes.


[ A dish-drying rack, full of big 8-cup glass mixing bowls  and silicone soap molds. Also some regular dishes, I gotta eat. ]

Someday I will get to nap.

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