cats: out the window edition

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, sits silhouetted in an open window. He’s sniffing the frame, nose almost up against it. The window itself is swung open to the right. ]

This window’s been braced shut with a bit of board since I put it in; I didn’t have time to fumble around with trying to get a latch on it, & since then it’s been mostly too cold to want to let more air in anyways. But a couple days back it was nice & warm, so I figured I’d take some time to fix up the frame properly, so I could make a screen that’d fit right.

Of course, there were cats involved. Tom was the first one in the window. Also, he is a gigantic dork.


[ Tom’s head is right up next to, but not touching, the window frame. His tongue is stuck way out of his mouth, licking his nose. I think his eyes are crossed, but the picture is too overexposed to tell. And one ear is so far tucked back it’s entirely hidden behind his massive head. ]

I don’t … I don’t know what’s going on here.

But wait, that’s a second floor window, right?

Yeah, no worries about that.


[ Seen from above, now, Tom’s rubbing his face against the wood of the window frame. Visible beyond him, below the window, is the white roof of the popup, perfectly placed for an intrepid tomcat to land on, should he decide to leap. ]

& leap he did. Took him a while — longer than I’d expected — but eventually, down he went.

Not sure if regrets or merely the song of his people.


[ Tom’s standing on the roof of the popup, body facing away but head turned to face the window. His mouth is open in a meow. The far side of the popup roof sits right up against Borgia’s roof, a perfectly good highway for any self-respecting feline. ]

Before he set off on his adventures, though, one final peek in the window …

… no, the other window.


[ Looking straight down out of the window. About half of Tom’s body is visible; he’s standing on the ledge of a window that’s just visible on the floor below. It’s broad but shallow, and the way Tom’s body is curved, it’s clear that he’s looking inside through the glass. ]

He refuses to believe we can’t just open that window & let him in any time we like. Which … we can’t, Tom, that window’s just for letting in light! There’s no hinges at all!

Eventually he gave up & wandered off, but that’s a story for my next post.

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