cats: Marisol the Smol

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[ The new house is a mess of stuff. A lot of it is piled up in this picture. Marisol isn’t easy to find, but if you look under the curved dark grey thing just to the right of the middle of the photo, there’s some orange fur. That’s her! She’s looking off to the right. ]

Marisol was NOT best pleased when we stuffed all of us, including her, into the new house. In fact she spent that entire first night under the covers with ME, because her Momma had to keep getting up to build up the fire again.

She was a bit more willing to explore the next day, but still stayed low & mostly hidden.


[ She’s in the same spot, but is peeking out now. Her muzzle is white, with a black splotch on her chin, and her lil nose is pink. She looks extremely angry. ]

… she’s doing a lot better with it all these days.


[ Marisol, a tiny longhaired patchy calico, is sprawled, deeply asleep, on top of a black fleece jacket. She has extremely long whiskers. She is smiling in her sleep. ]

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