cats: improbably, they are still cuddling

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[ Loiosh and Sigdis are in the cat bed together again, but Sigdis is leaning so that her head is over the side, probably because Loiosh has a paw planted on her butt. ]

They still cuddle a lot! Only when Sigdis climbs in with Loiosh; he won’t get in if she’s already there. If he’s first, it works. Kinda. Usually. Not always.


[ Same pose, higher angle. Loiosh’s forepaw is the one on Sigdis’s butt, claws dug in, and he’s looking straight into the camera. Pointedly. ]

Sigdis is not without her own Opinions about all this, mind you.


[ Sigdis, looking out from the corner of the cat bed, has her ears stuck out to the side, and her brow is wrinkled. ]

… but they do okay.


[ Loiosh still has a paw on Sigdis’s butt, but he’s also faceplanted into her side. One ear is cocked but he’s mostly asleep. ]

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