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[ A plywood-covered wood foundation, covered in turn with an outdoor carpet in cream and green, holds up two walls, one to the left, one on the far side of the floor. Each wall bears a single window. A pair of matching doors leans against the side wall. ]

I’ve been posting about stuff I did months ago, trying to catch up while I couldn’t do any building for a while, BUT the money has finally come in for the last of what I need to finish my cabin, so here is the State of Things.

The State of Things is as follows: I got three walls.

I need a fourth wall! That shouldn’t be much, right?


[ The view of the cabin has shifted slightly to the right. A bit of both side walls is visible, but the far wall takes up most of the picture. The hole for the window in that wall is high up and very broad; perhaps six feet wide, but only maybe a foot and a half tall. One of the things sitting on the carpet below is a wide wooden window frame that looks like it’ll fit in that hole just fine. ]

It is indeed not much! But one also needs a roof, & in this case, one will also do well with a nice high lofted roof that’ll hold a loft that is most assuredly NOT a second floor. It’s just a loft.

If it were a second floor, see, I’d need a permit. But lofts are Just Fine.



[ Further to the right; the right-hand wall has a tall, wide hole that runs all the way to the floor. ]

But a lofted roof takes a LOT more wood & plywood than a simple slanted or peaked roof. Also a lot more effort, & ideally some sort of scaffolding, although I’ll definitely be pulling the van around behind for additional high-up standing space.

& then insulation. Insulation, it turns out, is kinda expensive? Especially when one does not want to work with fiberglass, which I do not, on account of it’s made of fiberglass. Euw. Breathing glass fibers just does NOT sound fun.

YES, one wears a mask. I’ll be wearing a mask for the insulation we’re using, too. But there’s, you know, open air, & cats, & a dog, & roommates, & I don’t want glass fibers blowing off in the wind & getting into someone ELSE’S lungs, & you know, I’m not having this argument.


[ Looking in that really big hole in the wall, now, shows a pair of doors, leaning against the far wall, that coincidentally look like they’ll fit JUST right in that hole. There’s also a big white suitcase blocking part of the doorway, for Reasons. ]

Anyway yesterday I did the big order, & in a day or two we’ll be going to pick it up, & then I’ll basically be building every day until my arms fall off, then glueing them back on & doing it again.

I’ll try to do daily-ish updates like I did with Tyrava. We’ll see if I manage it. But soon? I’ll have a HOUSE.

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