cats: tomcat in a shadow

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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is stretched out on a dark blue blanket on my bed, entirely asleep. His chin is resting between his stretched-out forepaws; his hinder end is half-turned, displaying some of his vast belly. ]

The boys have really been enjoying living here — not least because I literally can’t keep them inside; we need doors open to keep our few inside spaces from overheating, & we need screen doors. We need screen doors a LOT.

In the meantime, well, the boys go outside, & then they come back in, & then they nap.


[A closeup on Tom’s handsome face. He’s lifted his head just a bit, and his eyes are just a little open. ]

Of course I had to disturb him. What are thumb monkeys for, if not to pester cats.

Also to open the gooshyfud, to be fair.


[ Tom’s lifted his head and is now staring at the camera, ears just slightly tilted, eyes not quite all the way open. ]

… what?

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