cats: Loiosh takes to the bottle

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is flopped on a piece of really dirty carpet, leaning up against the grate of a black pet crate. He’s got one foreleg draped over an empty bottle of gatorate. He’s looking up in the vague direction of the camera. ]

I mean it’s been a LOT for all of us. I can’t blame the boy for wanting to take a bit of a break from reality, to take refuge in mind-altering substances.

… gatorade, tho. Gatorade??

idk, cats are Sure a Thing


[ A slightly wider view of Loiosh; he’s also leaning against a box of tissues and a big black pair of boots. ]

I mean, ya do what works. & sometimes you just need a lil help to get through the day.


[ Loiosh is now looking almost directly at the camera. Pointedly. ]

Gatorade, though. *walks off, shaking head*

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