cats: the farmers market

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness and a blue bow tie, sits atop a pile of pallets, silhouetted against the sky. He looks extremely skeptical. ]


This happened MONTHS AGO but there’s been all this *gestures broadly at everything* but I’m back & functional again so there’s gonna be CAT POSTS

Anyway Loiosh has been to the Alamosa Farmers Market a buncha times now but this was the FIRST TIME

He was, of course, Entirely Impossible, & flopped in as many booths as he was allowed to.

These folks were perfectly pleased to let him occupy their booth for, like, half an hour, during which he got them several sales.


[ Loiosh is flopped on the ground, just in front of a table bearing a purple banner that says ‘Green Acres Hemp Farm’. ]

& then we went home! He was Very Happy!


[ Loiosh is flopped again, this time in the back seat of the car, atop a black t-shirt. His head is up but his eyes are squeezed shut, and he looks extremely pleased. ]

… also, Very Tired.


[ He’s draped across the car’s center console, forepaws stretched out in front of him, head nestled between them and the car seat. He is extremely asleep. ]

More cat posts to come!

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