process: a baker’s dozen prompts edition, part I

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[A scattering of random jewelry-related objects in a black tray: keys, beads, scraps of copper wire, baggies filled with shells and beads, and other impedimentia.]

So a year or two ago I was among the many folks to sponsor a kickstarter by Lioness Elise, towards the purpose of her being able to make instructional videos to teach her wire working techniques.

Then there was the plague, but, well. The videos are still happening.

In the meantime, one of the tiers included a baker’s dozen prompts, and three strange questions. & I immediately decided I was gonna make some jewelry about it.

Please, control your shock.

ANYWAY a month or so back Jasper & I completely emptied my jewelry-making bag & sorted everything in it. Some of the results are in the above photo. That’s … that’s a lot of random Stuff.

So I figured I’d make some jewelry about it.

This piece is for the prompt ‘some mornings melt’. It being winter, heading on towards spring, I figured icicles made sense.


[Sitting on my jewelry anvil: a round plastic container holding a bunch of pale blue beads, along with a piece of copper wire bent into a shallow u-shape with loops on each end. Below the copper wire are three lengths of thin copper wire, each around an inch long, strung with white, blue, and pale purple beads in a variety of shapes and sizes.]

The copper wire was in with the rest of the detritus, already in that shape. The thinner wire was in there, too, & I used the entire piece up making the dangles. Yay for less stuff! Also, icicles.

Still needed somewhere for the middle dangle to attach, & also a way to string the pendant onto a necklace, so I dug around in the wire scraps to see what I could find. Et voila:


[A dangle has been fastened into each of the loops at the end of the copper wire. The third still sits just below. Another chunk of thick copper wire, this one shorter, sits above; it has a loop at the bottom, but the top is bent into a rough arc.]

I can totally do something with that bit of wire. I straightened the end out, turned it into another loop, bent the middle until it looked pretty cool, & then all I hadda do was make the two stick together.


[Thin copper wire winds around the two pieces of the thicker stuff, holding them together at a rough right angle. The center dangle hangs from the lower loop; the upper holds a jump ring.]

I started with this, thinking it might be ‘the office optimist’, but then realized that I had other stuff that fit that better …


[A shallow u-shape in copper wire; one end is bent into a simple loop, the other into a small spiral.]

… so instead it became ‘the lakes in the sky’.


[Narrow copper wire stretches in an arc from the top to near the bottom of the u-shape; threaded on it are a cowrie shell, a round, deep blue glass bead, and an oblong white glass bead. An oddly shaped piece of shell hangs from the spiral at the bottom.]

I knew pretty much what I was gonna do for ‘merry-go-round rules’ the moment I saw the prompt, but it was a pain in the butt to pull off.


[Another length of thick copper wire. The bottom is curved into a flat spiral; the rest winds around as a vine around a branch, while green and silver beads strung on thin copper wire descent through the gap in the center.]

It kinda worked out okay, though.

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