cats: kitty in the window, take two

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[A black paw, complete with gently extended claws, sticks out from behind a bright rainbow curtain. Behind and above the paw a bit of window is visible.]

Whose paw IS that stuck so demurely out from behind the curtain?

Lo, it is the east, & Juliet is the Sun!

Sigdis, however, just wants a damn nap.


[The camera’s shifted around just a little, the paw is in essentially the same place, but about half of Sigdis’s face is visible tucked in between the curtain and the window. Only one eye is visible, and it’s mostly shut.]

Sigdis is always up for a petting, though, so it’s easy to bribe her into a better photo opportunity.


[All of Sigdis’s head is visible now. She’s a black cat with a single white spot at her throat, wearing a brown leather collar. She’s facing into the sun, eyes squinted mostly shut.]

… what?


[Sigdis is looking straight at the camera now, most of her on the back of the couch, but she’s leaning against the windowsill with one forepaw tucked under her. Her eyes are a pale yellow-green in the light.]

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