cats: couches are humanity’s best invention

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[Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is laying on a brightly colored rainbow blanket on the couch. He’s on his side with all of his legs stuck more-or-less straight out. Some of his belly is showing.]

Tom takes EPIC naps. Given his feral history, who can blame him, now that he knows he’s safe? I only WISH I could nap that well.

Look how deeply asleep he is!


[A closer view of Tom’s face. His nose is pink, outlined in black. He is SO out. ]

I hadda mess with him, though.


[He’s lifted his head just a bit, and his eyes are starting to open.]

But I rewarded him with pettings! He loves pettings. Especially chin pettings.


[Tom’s lifted his head so I can get my hand under to scratch his chin, which I am doing. His eyes are squinched shut; one ear is tilted forward and the other is back.]

But then I went back to my book. How dare.


[Tom’s staring at me, eyes partly shut.]

If no petting, then more nap, I guess.


[His head’s still up but his eyes are mostly shut.]

Annnnd he’s out.


[He’s stretched his forepaws out in front of him, and his head is resting on them. His tail is tucked up next to his legs.]

And then? Snoring.

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