small beauties: another snow day edition

[ Snow lays thick over hummocked ground. The sun shines through tall ponderosas; the sky around it veiled by wisp-thin clouds. ]

It snowed all New Year’s Eve & into the next day, but the sun came out partway through the afternoon, & I just had to get outside with the camera. Snow on plants!

[ A stalk of some sort of plant extends diagonally through the foreground of this shot; it’s covered in snow, and small brown dried flowers stick out from it. Beneath it the ground is thickly covered in snow. ]

Tire tracks through the snow!

[ Deep, clearly defined tire tracks angle up from the corner of the shot, cut through several inches of snow. ]

More plants covered in snow!

[ A low bush emerges from the snow, its stems and dry leaves covered in smaller clumps of snow. ]

The van, covered in snow!

… look, I just like snow a lot.


[ The roof of the van is, indeed, covered in snow, which also drapes over the edge of the roof, extending partway down over the windows in places. ]

Plus one bit of log that had no snow on it at all. Cool swirlies, though.

[ A log, long devoid of bark, lays on its side; the grain if the wood arcs and swirls like ocean waves. ]

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