cats: wading in the snow edition

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[ Cat prints in the snow, next to the forepaw of a grey cat. The snow is probably two inches deep. ]

More abventure footprints!

Tom DEMANDED to go out in the snow because he was BORED MOM, SO BORED, so me & Jasper bundled up & took him outside. He was NOT pleased at first, on account of his paws were wet, but he gave in & had fun after a while.

… to be fair I did bribe him with pettings.


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby with a BIG face, has shoved his massive face into my hand for the purpose of getting chin scritches. He is successful in this endeavour. ]

Then it was time to just wade around in the snow a while.


[ Tom’s a BIG grey tabby, but he’s still about belly-deep in the snow. His ears are stuck out to the sides, but he’s got a determined expression. ]

He took a break to come lean against my leg. I think sometimes he’s asking for reassurance, but other times I think he’s just being affectionate.


[ Seen from above: Tom’s wearing a purple harness and trailing a leash made from simple rope. He’s right next to my leg, leaning towards me a bit. ]

His Uncle Jasper had the leash most of the time. This caused some conflict, but mostly they did okay.


[ Tom’s standing at Jasper’s feet, looking off to the left. Jasper can only be seen from about mid-torso down; he’s wearing black boots, black sweats, and a poofy black jacket. ]

Apparently Jasper can’t help but mess with cats, though. Which. I mean. Fair.


[ Tom’s stomping away from the camera. Probably because a whole bunch of snow has been dumped onto his back. ]

Soon enough it was time to head inside. Tom found a nice rut, deep enough to keep his belly out of the snow.


[ Deep tire tracks cut through several inches of snow; Tom’s following them down the road, tail up. ]

Course then he had to leave the tracks & make his own, which he was NOT best pleased about.


[ Tom’s picking his way through deeper snow, the tire tracks left behind. Both ears are perked forward, though. ]

After which he beat us all to the door & had a NICE long nap on the couch.

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