cats: the littlest ‘hell YEAH, abventure’

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[ A single cat pawprint in a light dusting of snow. ]

This is not the littlest nope. This is a medium-sized HELL YEAH ABVENTURE MOM LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Both boys were out, but only Loiosh managed to be photogenic; Tom disappeared under the shed (oops) & pretty much didn’t come out until treats were shaken.

Loiosh had a bit of a wander

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, seen from above. He’s standing on ground that’s lightly covered in snow. There’s a sprinkling of snow on his head and down his back, too. ]

& spent a bit of time exploring the shed, too.

[ Loiosh is partway under a wooden shed, sniffing curiously at a stack of foam insulation blocks. ]

But the best bit was when he decided to take an alternative route off of the deck.

[ Loiosh has about his front half shoved through the gap between the deck railing uprights. ]

He tooks his sweet time getting there though.

[ He’s squidged himself a little further through, and his tail is lashing around a bit, probably in the hopes it’ll keep him from falling down. ]


[ Most of him has disappeared over the edge. All that’s visible is a bit of lashing tail and his hindlegs. topped by pink toe beans. ]

… at which point I hadda run all the way around the deck to keep up with him, because SOME of us don’t FIT.

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